About Five Shillings

On the northern edge of Kapunda, magestic old gum trees cast long shadows over pastures where Sir Sidney Kidman, Australia's famous "Cattle King", once grazed his horses.

This rolling land is the awe-inspiring site of five shillings, the fresh new address that is taking shape northwest of adelaide in south australia. Carefully blending with the original town plan of kapunda, five shillings celebreates the heritage of this historic mining town, whilst providing a focus for the future prosperity of the local community.


Behind the Name

Legend tells that in 1870, a fellow by the name of Sidney Kidman came to this land in Kapunda after leaving home on the back of a one eyed horse, and that along the way he managed to turn just five shillings into the largest private land holding in Australia.

Some people believe that land has a memory... that land absorbs the vavicty and spirit of past owners... and this stored energy can influence the futures of new residents. If this is true, this land has a history that can contribute to your prosperity. Kidman brought horses here from every corner of australia to be sold at annual auctions that took 10 days to complete and saw a brumby or whaler sold every 60 seconds. The horses rested on these pastures. Fattening on plentiful grasses and ample water they returned to prime condition before the sales. Five shillings offers you 'agistment' from the outside world. A chance to invest in yourself.


Sir Sidney Kidman

Sir Sidney Kidman was just 13 years old when he left home in Adelaide and arrived in Kapunda. Over the next 65 years of his life, he left and indelible mark on the township.

An unyeielding work ethic saw kidman work as a rouseabout and stockman before running his own bullock-team butcher's shop and coaching business. But he made his real money buying and selling cattle and horses. He eventually raised enough capital to buy his own stations that streched from the gulf of carpentaria south through western queensland to broken hill and across the south australian border back to Kapunda. Kapunda became the epicentre of the kidman empire. He brought horses here from every corner of Australia and sold them at his annual auctions.

These legendary horse sales were the largest held in the country, spanning 10 days with a horse sold every 60 seconds to buyers from all over the world. Kidman became part of the fabric of the Kapunda community. His generous financial contributions helped shape the town. He even donated his country house 'Eringa' to be used as the High School. Sir Sidney Kidman died in 1935 but his legacy lives on in Kapunda. Even one of the pubs is named after him.


Future Vision

Sir Sidney Kidman isn't the only one who recognised the bountiful appeal of this corner of the Earth. We too have a spendid vision for this land.

Five Shillings is a fresh new address that is connecting with the history of the land it graces and at the same time leaping into the future with homes designed for today's lifestyles. Heritage aesthetics are an important part of our vision for Five Shillings. The use of materials such as local stone, red brick and iron roofs will ensure that the homes built here fit with the character of the local area - Modern day interpretations if you like. Whilst on the inside these homes will offer all the style, comfort and convenience you would expect when building a new home today. These contemporary homes will sit on spacious blocks, on wide landscaped streets that sweep past the parks and open spaces your family will spend weekends in.