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the name

legend tells that in 1870, a fellow by the name of sidney kidman came to this land in kapunda after leaving home on the back of a one eyed horse, and that along the way he managed to turn just five shillings into the largest private land holding in australia.

Some people believe that land has a memory... that land absorbs the vavicty and spirit of past owners... and this stored energy can influence the futures of new residents. If this is true, this land has a history that can contribute to your prosperity. Kidman brought horses here from every corner of australia to be sold at annual auctions that took 10 days to complete and saw a brumby or whaler sold every 60 seconds. The horses rested on these pastures. Fattening on plentiful grasses and ample water they returned to prime condition before the sales. Five shillings offers you 'agistment' from the outside world. A chance to invest in yourself.