History of Kapunda

Situated just an hour's drive from Adelaide, nestled between the famous Clare and Barossa valleys, Kapunda is a town steeped in history as rich and colourful as the ore that was mined here.

The township was originally built around Australia's first metal mine following the discovery of copper in 1842. This lead to a period of prosperity considered as a financial windfall for the colony of South Australia, which was struggling at the time. At the height of the mining boom, Kapunda was amongst the largest inland cities in Australia. Whilst it didn't last forever, the richness of the era is evidenced in a treasure-trove of preserved buildings including South Australia's first police stationand courthouse.

Kapunda continued to evolve and grow into the late 1800's, during which time Sir Sidney Kidman's business ventures and generous community spirit had a profound influence on the progress of the town. Today Kapunda plays an important role as the premier service town for the surrounding rural area, some of South Australia's premium farming country.


Future of Kapunda

In telling the history of Kapunda, we've looked back at stories of prosperity and community spirit. Looking forward, these attributes of Kapunda are being revitalized and emphasised.

That pioneering spirit and willingness to embrace progress and change is kicking into highgear again as Kapunda plays a significant role in the development of the burgeoning Barossa and Clare Valleys. With its relaxed country lifestyle yet convenience of well-established facilities including schools, hospitals, shopping and places to get a good coffee, Kapunda is ideally placed to fulfil the growing needs of our state’s premium wine regions.Five Shillings will be at the heart of this offering, providing an exciting future for the peoplewho call it home.